2022 Gift Guide: BBQ Gift Ideas for Every Griller On Your List

The gift-giving season is coming. As you begin making your lists and checking them twice, you may be wondering what to get for the aspiring or inspiring griller on your gift list.

Whether it’s a family member, a co-worker, or a close friend, we’re here to help you help them achieve the visions of perfectly seared steaks dancing in their heads with great grilling gifts for BBQ lovers and every type of griller—no matter their skill or experience level.

BBQ Gift Ideas for the New Griller

Grilling gloves

While some chefs may argue that fingers are for burning, there are options for those who don’t want to sear their fingers alongside their steaks. Protect those hands with some GrillSpot heat-resistant grilling gloves that don’t sacrifice safety for dexterity. Bonus: they’re a great gift for bakers and home chefs too.

Grill covers

Over time, grill covers can deteriorate and become less protective. Help your giftee keep their grill in good condition with a gas grill cover that has the perfect fit. With the right grill cover, they can keep their BBQ protected from animals, insects, weather damage, and—for the all-season outdoor chef—it makes it easier to continue grilling late into winter.

Gifts for the Foodie Griller

Oil and vinegar gift sets

Nothing offsets a beautifully barbequed piece of food like the right mix of oils and vinegar. From brining to brushing, these oil and vinegar gift sets by Evoolution will have your giftee concocting sauces and seasonings that are so good it’ll basically be like giving a gift to yourself.

Grilling spices and salts gift sets

Another integral ingredient in a grilling arsenal: spices and spice blends. Help them pack on the flavor with individual or gift-set grilling spices and salts from Quebec-based Kanel.  Kanel offers a wide selection of all-natural seasoning products to suit your griller’s preferred BBQ palette—smoky, sweet, spicy, salty, or all of the above—all in sustainable compostable or recyclable packaging.

GRILL SPOT TIP: Food and seasoning gifts, like oil and vinegar gift sets or grilling spices and salts gift sets, are a safe choice for any griller because they’re easy to use up even if they already have similar products.

Gifts for the BBQ-proud Griller

FoodAid premium grilling brushes

Grillers need the right tools to deliver the best results. A safe, high-quality grill brush is a necessary part of a proper cleaning and maintenance routine, and it also helps to ensure a better grilling experience and perfect grill marks.

The FoodAid grill brush is made with high-heat-resistant non-metal bristles that are manufactured in Germany and are FDA compliant for food use. And with a large 5-inch wide brush head, you can cover more surface area for quicker cleaning. The brushes have been tested for 250,000 brush strokes without bristle loss, and better yet, come with a 5-year guarantee.

All-natural grill cleaners

Every great griller knows it’s important to keep their grill clean and, like a good grilling brush, a well-stocked arsenal of grill cleaners is key to a good cleaning and maintenance routine.

A clean grill is better protected from rust, damage, and deterioration, and it also prevents food from sticking. Whether they have cast iron, stainless steel, or enameled grilling grates, these all-natural grill cleaners from Caron & Doucet will help season grates, keep them clean, and protect them throughout the grilling season.

GRILL SPOT TIP: Like food and seasoning products, cleaners work well as a gift for any griller because they always need to be replenished at some point.

Gifts for BBQ Lovers Who Have Everything

Upright chicken roaster

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of upright chicken roasters and why they make a great gift, we’ll fill you in. These roasters make it possible for the chicken to cook evenly and have that perfectly crispy, golden-brown skin all the way around—something that is not always possible with other methods. Ideal for the chicken- or gadget-loving BBQer on your list.

Lid prop

When it comes to grilling with the lid open or closed, most grill lids are all or nothing. A lid prop will save your griller from resorting to creative DIY solutions in a pinch. These lid props will keep your grill open at one of three preset heights, keeping the heat in and letting the smoke out, and allowing for better temperature control, airflow, and visibility.

“Smart” Grilling thermometers

Help your barbecue enthusiast take their grilling to the next level with a smart grilling thermometer that connects to Android and iOS devices via an app, enabling high precision cooking.

Weber offers three different options and price points. The Weber Connect grilling hub is the premiere model, allowing for up to four temperature probes to be used at one time (including meat and ambient probes) that can help cook meats (and other grillables) to perfection. There are also the Weber iGrill 2 and iGrill Mini devices, which offer the same level of precision cooking as the Connect at a more affordable price.

Wrapping Up

Gift-giving can be challenging, especially when the recipient is picky or not well known to you, or, let’s be honest, even when they are well known to you. However, all grillers, no matter their skill level, have grill goals that you can help them achieve, whether it’s with simple gifts or elaborate items to round out their culinary tool collection.

Have something else in mind for the griller on your gift list? Browse all barbecue grill accessories or check out our weekly deals.