5 Essential Winter Grilling Accessories For BBQing in Cold Weather

With the right winter grilling accessories, the weather no longer has to dictate when the grilling season ends.

Winter grilling has increased in popularity over the years and, with a warm coat and a snow shovel in addition to some essential winter grilling accessories, it’s easier than ever to BBQ in cold weather. But what grilling accessories are necessary for making your previously off-season searing dreams a reality? Keep reading to get our expert advice for 5 essential accessories you need for winter grilling.

1. A good grill cover

Few things make winter grilling easier than a good grill cover. It protects your grill from the elements—preventing premature wear and tear—and makes digging it out of the snow that much simpler. All you have to do is brush the snow off the top and remove the cover (and maybe shovel out a path to the BBQ) and you are ready to cook.

2. Grilling gloves

Winter gloves might keep you warm, but they aren’t built to handle the high heat of a grill, and some of them are made up of loose knits that leave openings for hot metal to come into contact with your bare skin. Protect your hands and keep warm with the proper equipment—grilling gloves are heat-resistant to protect you from high temperatures and burns.

3. Thermometers

Cold weather means your grill has to work harder to get up to temperature and stay there. Every time you open the grill it loses heat, and as a result, it can take an additional 5-20 minutes to cook your food, depending on what you are making and how often the lid is opened. Stay on top of the temperature with a grill thermometer to make sure your grill is at the right heat and a meat thermometer to help ensure the perfect cook.

4. A sturdy grill brush

A clean grill simply works better, and that is never more important than in the winter. The hot air will be able to move more easily around spots that aren’t caked with burnt leftovers. Keep your grill operating at the optimal temperature by keeping your grates and other components looking shiny and new with a good grill brush and some cleaning and seasoning oil.

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5. A fuel indicator

When the mercury drops in winter, grills use up fuel much more quickly than they do in the warmer months in order to maintain the right temperature. Regardless of your preferred fuel type, make sure you keep extra propane or charcoal stocked up so you aren’t surprised and unable to cook at dinner time. If you’re a propane griller, keep a close eye on propane levels with a reliable tank level indicator.

Get Cooking with Winter Grilling Accessories

Whether you are a winter-weather grilling veteran or this is your first year firing up the BBQ in cold weather, a few simple accessories can extend your grilling season.