The Complete Guide to Troubleshooting Gas Grill Issues

Whether it’s your first cookout of the season or your beloved barbecue suddenly stopped working properly, gas grill issues can put a halt to even the best laid BBQ plans. If you’re gas grill isn’t working, don’t panic—diagnosing and troubleshooting gas grill issues is often much simpler than you think.

The Complete Guide to Troubleshooting Gas Grill Issues is your source for step-by-step instructions on how to diagnose and fix the most common gas grill issues. Whether your grill isn’t heating properly, won’t stay lit, or simply has rusty parts, we’ve got the answers you need to get your gas barbecue firing on all cylinders.

Find your problem in the list below and click through to get step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting gas grill issues.

My propane grill is too hot

Your grill is exceeding the temperature setting you selected.

Gas grill is not getting gas

Natural gas or propane is not flowing and your grill won’t light.


Gas grill won’t get hot enough

Your BBQ ignites properly but with a low flame that won’t increase.

Flame is too high

Flames that are dangerously high, burning food, or out of control.

Gas grill won’t stay lit

Your barbecue ignites properly but will not stay lit after you fire it up.

Gas grill won’t ignite

Troubleshoot a gas grill that won’t ignite or fire up at all.

Yellow or orange flame​

Your gas grill produces a yellow or orange flame instead of a blue one.

Too much smoke

Gas grills that produce too much smoke when not smoking meat.

Too many grill flare ups

Temporary surges of flame that leave to much char on your food.

grill smells like gas featured image

My gas grill smells like gas

When your grill smells like gas for longer than a few seconds after lighting.

Natural gas grill is not getting gas

A natural gas grill that won’t turn on, doesn’t get hot enough or has a low flame.

Only one burner lights on my grill

When only one of your burners will ignite, or some (but not all) of your burners will light.

Rusty BBQ grill

Rust can sometimes be repaired and even prevented. Read this guide to learn more.

Rusty grill grates

As soon as you discover rust on your grill grates, you should immediately take steps to clean it.

Rusty grill burners

Rusted grill burners often look worse than they actually are and are fairly easy to repair.

Rusted grill bottom

Rust on the grill bottom, either on the outside or the inside, should not be ignored.