Rosemary is one of the most aromatic and flavorful herbs. Its needle-like leaves have a pronounced lemon-pine flavor, with hints of mustard, that pairs well with vegetables, fish and meat.

Instead of just using diced rosemary in your marinade, get a little creative and use it to replace the metal or bamboo skewer! First, skewer your meat of choice to create a hole, then thread the rosemary through each piece as you see in the photo. The stem should be sturdy enough to keep the pieces together and will infuse its strong Mediterranean flavor into your meal.

Rosemary sprigs can be used to skewer just about anything, including:

  • Beef
  • Lamb
  • Chicken
  • Shrimp
  • Vegetables

For the best results, follow these tips:

  • Use sprigs that are at at least 8 inches long.
  • Don’t be afraid to pull off some leaves to make it a little easier to skewer your food.
  • Soak the sprigs for 30 minutes to an hour before you grill to prevent them from burning.

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