Move Over, Meat: Say Hello to Grilled Vegetables

Steak, chicken, ribs, burgers, repeat. We all have our favorite items that we like to grill, but don’t get yourself stuck in a protein rut. Grilled vegetables are spectacular and cooking your whole meal on the grill minimizes clean up in the kitchen.

If you are new to grilling veggies or just an old pro looking for some inspiration, we’ve created this handy guide that includes instructions for grilling vegetables whole, sliced and in foil packets. We’ve also included approximate cooking times to take out some of the guesswork, but as always you use your best judgement. If you like your veggies on the crunchy side, cook them a little less and if you like them softer, cook them a little longer.

Be sure to stay close to the grill, particularly when cooking vegetables whole or sliced over direct heat. Things can move quickly and you need to be there to turn the vegetables making sure that they don’t burn.

If you are looking for something that requires a little less attention, try the veggie packets. Once assembled and on the grill, veggie packets require very little attention and allow you to work on preparing the rest of your meal. Just be careful of the steam when opening up the packets.

Happy Grilling!