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Char Grilled Oysters

If you love charbroiled New Orlean’s style oysters, you’re in luck! Barbecue pro Malcom Reed from HowToBBQRight.com was kind enough to share his delicious Char Grilled Oysters recipe with us.  Grilling oysters is simple all you…

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Grilled Rack of Lamb Recipe

Impress your guests with this sumptuous grilled rack of lamb! Barbecue pro Malcom Reed from HowToBBQRight.com was kind enough to share his mouth-watering and decadent Grilled Rack of Lamb recipe with us.  Malcom’s recipe uses two racks…

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Smoking Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Introducing wood smoke into your backyard grilling routine can seem like a big step, especially if you have a gas grill. Regardless of whether you grill over gas or charcoal, you can easily add that delicious smoky flavor to any grilled meal. Learn how:

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Grilled Lobster Tail Recipe

It’s lobster season! While grilling lobster for the first time might seem intimidating, it really isn’t that complicated. This grilled lobster tail recipe is quick, simple and guaranteed to WOW your guests!

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Classic Barbecue Sauce

Once you’ve made our classic barbecue sauce we guarantee you will swear off the bottled stuff from the supermarket. This barbecue sauce has a perfect balance of sweet, smoke, and heat that makes it versatile enough…

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Grilled Broccoli Raab Recipe

Broccoli raab or rabe, also known as rapini, is a cruciferous green vegetable from the mustard family that looks somewhat like a slimmed down, leafy version of broccoli. A staple in Portuguese and Italian homes, broccoli…

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