2023 BBQ Gift Guide: Fresh Grill Gift Ideas For The Griller Who Has Everything

Making a holiday gift list and checking it twice? The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s time to start filling your pack with BBQ gifts for the good grillers in your life.

Everyone has someone on their list who is hard to shop for—someone whose gift only gets chosen after staring at the aisles or the screen for 20 minutes (or more) and sighing “I don’t know!” before randomly selecting something. We’ve all been there.

With their grill tucked away for the winter and snow starting to fly, grill gifts may not be the first thing you think of for those difficult-to-buy-for people in your life. But whether they’re a casual griller with just a few BBQ basics or an avid BBQ master with an arsenal of accessories, there’s always a new grilling toy you can add to their toolkit.

We’ll save you the trouble of scouring the internet for grilling gadgets with these hot off the grill gift ideas for the griller who has everything.

Grill Cookbooks

Cookbooks make a great, simple gift for any current or aspiring grill master. Help your griller improve their techniques with one of these guides from Weber:

Grill Presses​

Help your favorite griller create curl-free bacon, crispy paninis, and perfect burgers with a grill press. These are useful items that not every griller has, but will almost certainly use once they’ve been introduced into their arsenal:

Smoker Boxes + Wood Chips/Chunks

Introduce some smoky flavor to their grilling repertoire. A smoker box with wood chips or chunks is a simple gift with tons of potential, including built-in bonus additional gifting possibilities—you can give them wood chips and chunks every year, now!

Shop for smoker boxes, wood chips, and wood chunks:

Grill Baskets

Every griller can benefit from skipping a few extra steps in the kitchen by making it easier to cook sides right on their grill. Vegetables and other small items cook up faster and with fewer incidents if you use a grill basket.


Every griller deserves to look as good as their creations taste. These aprons are designed specially for barbecuing, with durable, liquid-repellent fabric and tons of pockets for all their grilling gadgets.


The ambient temperature of a grill, the temperature of the cooking zones, and the temperature of the food being cooked are all important elements for grillers to consider, but not everyone is equipped with a full arsenal of BBQ thermometers for each purpose. Help your has-it-all-grill master perfect their grilling technique by gifting a dedicated BBQ thermometer (or two). If they already have one for confirming food is done, an ambient grill thermometer might be exactly what they need.

Oils, Vinegars, Salts, and Spices

From brining to brushing and marinating to munching, an oil and vinegar gift set by Evoolution or a salt and spice set by Kanel will have your giftee mixing sauces and seasonings that are so good it’ll basically be like giving a gift to yourself. Food and seasoning gifts are always a safe choice for any griller because they’re easy to use up even if they already have similar products.

Shop for oils, vinegars, salt, and spices:

Can’t-miss Classics

Are you looking to pad your present with some extra grill goodness? Try these classic gifts that any grill enthusiast would enjoy getting:

  • Grilling gloves: Protect their hands from the heat of the grill without sacrificing safety for dexterity. Shop for grilling gloves.
  • Grill covers: With the right grill cover, they can keep their BBQ protected from animals, insects, weather damage, and—for the all-season outdoor chef—make it easier to continue grilling late into winter. Shop for grill covers.
  • FoodAid premium grilling brushes: The FoodAid grill brush is made with high-heat-resistant non-metal bristles that are manufactured in Germany and are FDA compliant for food use. Shop for FoodAid grill brushes.
  • All-natural grill cleaners: A well-stocked arsenal of grill cleaners is key to a good cleaning and maintenance routine. A clean grill is better protected from rust, damage, and deterioration, and it also prevents food from sticking. Shop for all-natural grill cleaners.

Wrapping Up

Without a Santa-like insight into everyone’s wishes, getting the best BBQ gifts and greatest grill gifts for everyone on your list can be a time-consuming and tricky task. Whether you’re shopping for a grill master or a BBQ baby, you can’t go wrong with:

  • Grill cookbooks
  • Grill presses
  • Smoker boxes and wood chips/chunks
  • Grill baskets
  • Aprons
  • Thermometers
  • Oils, vinegars, salt, or spices

If nothing on this list feels quite right for the griller in your life, check out last year’s gift round-up for more ideas and browse all barbecue grill accessories.