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#GrillGods: 10 of our Favorite Grillers on YouTube

Whether you’re just learning how to grill or you’re looking to upgrade to grillmaster status, YouTube is home to a legion of great grilling channels that are chock full of recipes, tips, and expert advice.

Get inspired with 10 of our favorite #GrillGods on Youtube:

1. HowToBBQRight

With Malcom Reed at the helm, HowToBBQRight is a top-notch source for recipes and grilling tips. Malcom uploads a new video every week, featuring BBQ classics like grilled ribs, burnt ends, and burgers, with more recipes and advice at All of his videos clock in at under 10 minutes, making them as easily digestible as his delectable grilling.

Our favorite video: Spicy Mississippi Chicken

All you need for this recipe is “the meat, the spicy rub, and the smoke”. Malcom grills these spicy chicken legs on a charcoal grill with smoke, but you can easily replicate the process on a gas grill with the help of a smoker box.

2. BBQ Pit Boys

BBQ Pit Boys are YouTube’s #1 channel for grilling, with over 900 videos featuring recipes, BBQ basics, and techniques for home grillers. Covering everything from classic BBQ recipes to grilling tools and how to select the right cuts of meat, BBQ Pit Boys will show you how to become a pitmaster in your own backyard (no pit required).

Our favorite video: Liquid Gold BBQ Sauce for Ribs and Chicken

BBQ Pit Boys makes this BBQ sauce by the gallon, and it’s easy to see why. This recipe is all about yellow mustard, paying homage to the classic mustard-based BBQ sauces of North Carolina. Simply melt butter and sugar together and dump the rest of the ingredients into the pot, simmer till thickened, and enjoy on just about anything.

3. Mad Scientist BBQ

Led by Jeremy Yoder, Mad Scientist BBQ focuses on the rewards of a “long cook”. Many of his videos concentrate on smoking meat, but we love his channel for the practical tips and tricks he shares, such as how to grill for large groups and when to use butcher paper vs. tin foil.

Our favorite video: Shiny vs. Dull Foil

Does the side of the foil that’s on the outside make a difference when you BBQ? We won’t spoil the answer.

4. Grill Top Experience

The Grill Top Experience channel features the whole gamut of grilling knowledge, from charcoal grilling and smoking to gas grilling. With videos featuring recipes and grilling tips, Grill Top Experience has grillers of every skill level covered.

Our favorite video: Why you should grill pineapple on a gas grill

Swap your smokey meat and grilled veg for a sweet treat. Grilled pineapple is an underappreciated, low effort treat with a high reward, and it’s actually best cooked on a gas grill. Grill Top Experience shows you how to grill a pineapple from start to finish, with step by step instructions on slicing a whole fresh pineapple, making the glaze, and grilling to perfection.

5. Swine Life BBQ

Swine Life BBQ features a smorgasbord of grilling recipes, from classics like burgers and ribs to unique creations like smoked bologna and smoked crab legs. No matter what you’re craving, Swine Life BBQ has a quick and easy video to guide you through the cooking process.

Our favorite video: Bacon Wrapped Donut Holes

Is it breakfast or dessert? Trick question: it doesn’t actually matter. This quick and easy recipe can be cooked on any grill, and perfectly combines sweet donut holes and caramel sauce with salty, savory bacon and a spicy BBQ rub. Sign us up.

6. Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine

Learn how to cook the unique and delectable foods of South Texas with Chef Johnny. Featuring BBQ recipes, dutch oven and cast iron cooking recipes, and more, Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine covers all things grilling with an irresistible southern twist.

Our favorite video: How To Trim a Brisket For Smoking

Whether you have a dedicated smoker or you infuse your grilled treats with smoke from a grill-top smoker box, proper prep is always key to getting a good smoke and a perfect grill. Chef Johnny shows you the right way to trim a brisket for smoking in this detailed video.

7. Flaming Rooster BBQ

Flaming Rooster BBQ is the brainchild of a couple of guys from Austin, TX who “have a dream of bringing badass BBQ knowledge to the masses”. Many of their videos feature the iconic Big Green Egg, including grilling essentials like brisket and pulled pork and even upgraded treats like smoked beef cheek.

Our favorite video: Pumpkin Pie on the Big Green Egg

Skip the oven and infuse this autumn classic with the incomparable flavor of your grill for a truly unique dessert. Flaming Rooster BBQ shows you how to make a pumpkin pie from scratch using real pumpkin, completely baked on the Big Green Egg.

8. Ballistic BBQ

Covering everything from low and slow to hot and fast grilling, Ballistic BBQ is all about outdoor cooking. With a special interest in cooking traditionally indoor recipes outside, Ballistic BBQ covers everything from reverse seared tri tip to po-boy burgers.

Our favorite video: Ultimate Popper Recipe, aka Nuclear Buffalo Turds

Swap traditional jalapenos for bigger, slightly milder poblano peppers to create the ultimate popper. Don’t worry—Ballistic BBQ packs a little extra heat into poblano peppers to compensate for the milder flavor.

9. Meat Church BBQ

Founded by pitmaster Matt Pittman, Meat Church is a purveyor of craft BBQ seasonings and apparel, with a side of irresistible BBQ recipes shared on their popular YouTube channel. Their channel features grilling mainstays like beef, pork, chicken, and seafood, as well as appetizers and recipes for “hardcore” grillers.

Our favorite video: Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

Upgrade your favorite tailgate appetizer by infusing classic buffalo chicken dip with smoky flavor. This recipe is simple and easy to recreate on a gas grill with a smoker box. All you need is chopped chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, and cream cheese. You don’t need to smoke the chicken first like Matt does—a store-bought rotisserie chicken will work just as well.

10. Smokin’ and Grillin’ wit AB

From copycat recipes to fresh takes on breakfast, Cajun classics, and more, Smokin’ and Grillin’ wit AB has all your grilling needs covered.

Our favorite video: The Best Grilled Sandwich Ever!!!

Viewers asked and AB answered with this video that showcases an authentically grilled sandwich using store-bought basics. The trick is to smear your bread with mayo so you can get that truly irresistible crunchy crust. AB uses a flat grill, but you can use your gas grill for perfect grill marks or put your side burner to work.

Honourable Mention: Big Lew BBQ

Big Lew isn’t a pro chef or competition griller—he’s a backyard griller, family man, and BBQ enthusiast looking to share simple recipes that make his family smile. His channel features grill reviews, recipes, and other advice to help home grillers up their game and impress their families.

Our favorite video: Grilled Shrimp with Lemon Garlic Pepper

Big Lew grills his shrimp using an outset shrimp pan, but these shrimp are easy to thread onto skewers for easy cooking on a gas grill. All you need is lemon pepper season, garlic powder, and butter.

Honourable Mention: 501 BBQ

With a focus on simple but delicious backyard grilling, 501 BBQ shares recipes that use a wide variety of cookers, from Breeo firepits and pellet grills to traditional charcoal and gas grills.

Our favorite video: Grilled Salmon

501 BBQ grills up a full slab of skin on salmon with a side of asparagus on their charcoal grill, but it’s easily done on a gas grill too. A smoker box will add a unique smokey flavor to this simple yet impressive one-sheet meal.

#GrillGods: Our Favorite Grillers on YouTube

Youtube is home to great grilling inspiration, from competition grillers and renowned pitmasters to enthusiastic home grillers looking to share their favorite recipes. Get started with our top 10 favorite accounts:

  1. HowToBBQRight
  2. BBQ Pit Boys
  3. Mad Scientist BBQ
  4. Grill Top Experience
  5. Swine Life BBQ
  6. Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine
  7. Flaming Rooster BBQ
  8. Ballistic BBQ
  9. Meat Church BBQ
  10. Smokin’ and Grillin’ wit AB
  11. Honourable mention: Big Lew BBQ
  12. Honourable mention: 501 BBQ

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