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How to Replace the Heat Plates in your Gas Grill

Replace the Heat Plates in your Gas Grill

Most gas grills on the market today use what is called a heat plate to protect the burners from grease and food drippings. When grease drips through the cooking grates it is incinerated on contact with the heat plates, which also helps to reduce grease buildup in the bottom of the burner box. Depending on the brand and design of the barbecue, you may have one large heat plate or several individual ones sitting just below the cooking grates above the burners.

Over time, heat plates can rust and deteriorate resulting in uneven heat distribution, flare ups, and increased risk of grease fires. If your heat plates have deteriorated and you are getting uneven performance from your barbecue it’s time to consider replacing them.

The short video below explains how to replace the heat plates, step by step. This is one of the simplest repairs you can do and it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to complete including clean up.

Happy Grilling!

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