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Winterize Your Grill with Pocket Change Gourmet

Winterize Your Grill with Pocket Change Gourmet

It may not feel like it in some parts of the country, but winter is on its way. If you’re enjoying an extended grilling season in your region, take advantage of the warmer temperatures and use the time to get your grill ready for the cold weather and snow hit. We all know it’s coming.

In partnership with Grill Spot, Liz and Doug at Pocket Change Gourmet have put together an easy step-by-step guide for winterizing your grill before the snow flies.

How to Winterize Your Grill

Follow these steps to make sure your grill is in tip-top shape next spring:

  1. Disconnect your propane tank or natural gas line before you start.
  1. Thoroughly clean your grill from top to bottom.
  1. Prepare your grill for storage. For outdoor storage, reconnect your propane tank and ensure the valve is in the off position. For indoor storage, leave your propane tank disconnected. Do not store your propane tank in your house, garage, or shed.
  2. Cover your grill. Find a grill cover for your BBQ.

For the complete “Winterize Your Grill” checklist, view the full post on Pocket Change Gourmet.

About Pocket Change Gourmet

Liz and Doug believe that delicious, family-friendly recipes can also be easy on your budget. With hundreds of recipes spanning categories such as BBQ, Five Ingredients or Less, Comfort Food, and more, Liz and Doug provide their readers with delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy without breaking the bank. They even have special seasonal categories for grilling, cooking with homegrown produce, or preparing festive meals for the holiday season.

In addition to their ever-growing recipe box, Liz and Doug also publish menu planning resources like monthly and weekly meal plans, as well as kitchen tips covering topics like kitchen organization, how to preserve your food, and product reviews.

Head on over to Pocket Change Gourmet and take a look at their recipes!

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